Moorestown Mall – 60’s Postcards

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  1. Check out these vintage 60’s postcards from the Moorestown Mall… it was not as popular a destination as the Cherry Hill Mall for us Camden kids, but many of us did make the trek there by bus, car, bike, or walking.

    I love the classic picture of the monkey (a gibbon I think) cage. This had to be the late 60’s, I have a memory of the monkey, but it is from before I turned ten. They later got rid of him, not sure why… maybe he was a poo thrower or he bit some kid sticking his fingers in the cage.

  2. Dave Baker Says:

    The Ducks! Were they transplanted from Strawbridge Lake? MMMMMHH!
    I noticed Florshiem Shoes in the background, (Penny Loafers, Wingtips, etc…) Flagg Bros. for the newer styles, Platforms, George Boots (see 34th St pics) etc… I remember seeing Pinball Wizard at the Movie Theatre
    it was a date, Harry here’s the difference… I also remember Mr Cherry escorting me back to the friendly confines of Wilson, Oy Vey! That was’nt a date. LOL


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